Tinker me this.

Something I have been tinkering with lately, a sort of story telling guideline/motivator.  This is a work in long term process. If you feel inclined, give me your thoughts.

Chains of Destiny
At the beginning each player must choose a destiny, this is where you would like your character to end up at the end of the current story.  It is not the end of the character unless you would like it to be, if you plan to play the same character through another saga pick another destiny when the first one is paid off. These are samples only, you are strongly encouraged to make up your own.The fulfilment of your destiny Awards you X points should you choose to continue playing the character.Cursed

eventually you will be placed in a position or rulership whether you want it or not
You will become the hand of a supernatural agency
Your destiny is to live a life of seclusion
Your growth in power leads to the arrival of a cataclysm
You carry a physical item that is not yours and must ultimately be returned or destroyed

2 responses to “Tinker me this.

  1. I like the concept. Is this something to be worked into an existing game (system)? Or is this something to be a part of a game that is yet-to-be? With some testing and development, I would like to see this idea as part of your next game 😉


  2. Not sure of the use yet, I am a bit stuck on the development at the moment. The idea is to drive players forward under their own momentum.


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