Last night we played our second game of Pathfinder.  I am enjoying being just a player for a change and our GM is doing a great job of running it.  The only thing is last night a single combat took forever, battles up to this point took longer then I am accustomed to due to the use of Miniatures (something I never really used previously). But last night it was becoming mind numbing( I didn’t even care about the loot that was gotten by the end).

I have several thoughts as to why.  A couple of reasons were strategic mistakes on our part, such as fighting in a bottleneck (stairs) while holding the low ground which allowed the enemy to have the high ground advantage.  They clustered at the top of the stairs preventing all of us from entering the fray for awhile.

Another reason was that our barbarian (who had the best initiative) should have used his rage ability to push the enemy back.  When my character finally got into the room he was put down just short of death after a few glorious rounds of battle.  He was saved by the groups Druid and we did win the day. I didn’t really care whether my character lived or died at this point as I was getting a little annoyed with another player being more worried about what others were doing and not focusing on what his character could do.

It left me with a less than heroic feeling however.  I don’t find the use of minis to be abhorrent but it seemed like a game of Mordheim with more rules.  Additionally in the group dynamic I love it when a group of characters develop a sense of comradery or at least a sense of belonging together, but I doubt this will happen in this game.

I do like Pathfinder, it seems like a good successor to AD&D, and I hope it smooths out as we get used to how it plays.  I wonder how I could run it without minis….. hmmm.


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    • Didn’t have that big of an issue with the system aside from not knowing all the options yet (and there are a lot of them, even before you add in the advanced players stuff). The only negative is taking time out to place/draw rooms and miniatures prolongs the combat scene and that is more or less evened out by the exactness of object/enemy placement.


  1. Ah, I interpreted this post as a venting of issues with Pathfinder and not the game-at-the-table. Pathfinder does have a lot of options–an almost overwhelming lot–and can be quite intimidating. I’m starting a game of it myself, with me as the GM. We’ll see how it goes.


    • More of a musing about the play at the table, and wondering if there is a way to streamline mini use. Perhaps by limiting it to big bads.. anyway I like it bunches but I am not a huge combat monster kinda guy.


  2. One of the issues I need to work on as a GM is to make sure the players choose what they WANT to do, not what the rules LET them do. The overabundance of rules are meant to help interpret more complex actions. If we wanted to pick out actions from a list- then it wouldn’t be any better than a video game. For the next session I’ll work on making sure we remember this. I should have given a few more carrots to get the players to realize they could have pushed back the guards mid fight.

    The scenario was evenly matched for the party- until the npcs managed to gang up in a defensive position. The only reason bonefather’s character died was an extremely unlucky sequence of GM rolls- 2 20s and an 18- resulting in a critical hit with triple damage.

    It will get better, hopefully, when I get less rusty.


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