Last game

Last night was the last game of Samurai, Ninja, and Monk.  I am turning the reigns of Game Master over to my newest player for a Pathfinder Campaign, which I am very excited about.  I ended up with a character with slightly above average attributed after much tinkering on the GMs part.  I rolled very poorly last night.  It isn’t the attributes that make the Character, so I am ok with that.  While everyone hopes they roll high when generating attributes in a random attribute system I am not a big minmaxer type person and I kind of like the Characters backstory.

Having the GM role turned to someone else will free mental space to work on my other projects, only dealing with one character will be a refreshing change of pace.  So, onto finishing up SNM for publication, a re write of Helix, *the new game* and a couple of other projects.  Hoping by the end of this year to have a whole lotta happy out there.


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