Samurai, Ninja, and Monk.

Saturday will be the first game of my feudal Japan inspired Warrior, Rogue, and Mage variant.  I have a medium rice village sketched out, as well as an island chain country map.  In the end I decided to drop the fighting techniques from the rules because they over complicated the vary elegant rules and were not necessary.  I really dislike unnecessary complications in games.

I have decided on calling it Samurai, Ninja, and Monk.  With Samurai taking th place of Warrior, Ninja taking the place of Rogue, and Monk taking the place of Mage.  While the first two should be pretty obvious the third change might be a little hazy.  I noticed while researching Japans’ historical occult information that it all seem linked to religion in some manner, so the Monk attribute will cover magic use in the same manner as Mage did but will also allow for knowledge of shrines and spirit lore.

What I have roughed out is good, some of the fiddly bits will be adjusted on the fly of course.  I am sure that some unforeseen issues will arise.  After a couple of games we should have enough kinks worked out to allow for a unique character sheet to be made, until then we will be working off a slightly modified copy of the original.

I expanded the monetary system presented in W,R,&M from the simple silver piece system to a slightly more complicated range for setting purposes.  The new money units are Mon, Rin, Koban, and Oban, they are all base ten valued from each other for simplicity.

The biggest change systematically is the Honor system which influences how others react to you as well as being a system of renown.  A character with a high Honor may be able to get discounts, information free room and board, and more!  A character with low Honor  will be charged more, not be trusted, and may vary well be shunned outright.  The system is weighted towards losing Honor with the punishments costing more than the rewards bestow upon you.  This should make the players work harder to perform heroic actions (while players should be responsible for this on their own, a little nudge can’t hurt.)

While character creation is pretty straight forward and simple, the character creation session is going to be of major importance.  The players have to make characters they are excited about playing, but make sense for the setting.  This is always the trick for any game, but here it may be a little rougher as it is a little different from the normal western concept of fantasy.

One last note before I run off, I am going to create categories here for the game sessions.  This means hopefully that I can keep up the posting of overviews of the games.  As always, thanks for reading my drivel!


6 responses to “Samurai, Ninja, and Monk.

  1. Wow! This sounds pretty promising. I can’t wait to hear more about your project.
    By the way, do you already have some playtest document or is SN&M just a bunch of notes on scrap paper?


    • I am hopeful. There should be posts forthcoming, barring holiday related incidents.

      Right now just a bunch of scratches on note paper until a few games in. When I am more certain things are adjusted right I will put it to document.


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