Work continues

I have been working on an honor system for my little Warrior, Rogue, and Mage adaption.  This function in two parts, personal honor and family honor.  These two parts feed off of and into each other.  Basically what you do as a character reflects on your family and what your family has done (or will do) reflects on you.  I like this because it nudges the players to act in accord with the setting.

My wife drew her character in advance, with a picture cobbled together from a couple of different places, which I must say captures the feel of my idea pretty much spot on.  Everything is go for play phase, with one more game of WoD before we switch…at least system-wise.  I still have no exact idea of the place the players are going to start, and I need a modified character sheet.

I will work on the start up setting a bit this morning, hopefully finishing it tomorrow and launching into a new character sheet.  I am pretty jazzed about this as I think the players will really get into it.

[EDIT] Oh, almost forgot to add that I have no idea yet what to call it, so if any of my readers has any suggestions on what to call an Asian/Japanese influenced version of WR&M (or fantasy in general) then leave a comment below.

Thanks for playing!


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