New things

I added a couple of links to my blogroll and changed my theme.

Other than that, the cold Northern Ohio weather has arrived after a prolonged spell of actual Autumnal temperatures.  So we great men of the north hunker down and await the coming blizzards…which reminds me I need to buy rock salt.

Assembled a character for my Japanese inspired Warrior, Rogue, and Mage game and everything began to flow well.  I added some Asian style magic implements as I worked on the character as I realized I had over looked that.  The only thing to do for the character is to roll some background events to establish his base honor.

With all this going on I realized I don’t have a setting.  This is a problem because I plan to run this as I develop it to make sure it plays well.  I have ideas on  how to hook the players together easily and what their initial goal will be, I just need an actual city to start them in.

So I am going to sip my green tea, listen to some Zen flute music, and work on the honor points system a bit.  All the while thinking about a town that will mystify and entrance the players.



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