What Have I been doing?

For the last week and a half I have been on a paid vacation from my daily grind.  I feel centered, grounded, and (dare I say…) relaxed.  So relaxed that I do not dread going back to my job even though it is coming up on Thanksgiving and I work in grocery.  This is awesome.  I don’t want to go back to work, but I can deal.

So this week started off with me hemming and hawing over whether or not to participate in NaNoWriMo.  Once I decided to go ahead and participate I spent some more time trying to figure out what to write.  Some ideas for this were proffered and I plunged in.  Only to find that uploading my word count to the NaNo site was about impossible for me, so in frustration I gave up the quest.  Instead I have been focusing on touching up my current WiP, and playing around with my anniversary present (the 1st Edition Oriental Adventures book, yeah my wife is awesome like that).

So, to answer the question I presented in the title, what I’ve been tinkering with is conversion.  By using the 2nd Edition AD&D players guide, the 1st Edition AD&D Oriental Adventures book, and Warrior, Rogue, and Mage I have the first draft of WyRM Oriental Adventures (or maybe Bushi, Ninja, and Wu Jen, or Samurai, Ninja, and Wu Jen or something.) Anyway, I converted the WyRM magic system to also work for weapon techniques.  added a couple of new skills and a couple of new talents.  I reworked the monetary system to be more feudal Japan in feel, redid the cost of weapons and armor.  Worked out the Defense ratings for individual pieces of Japanese armor so they can be used piece meal.  The spells as presented in WR&M work fine, they just need more Asian sounding names.  I have a conversion chart worked out between the Oriental Adventures and my smoothed out Japanese currency.  What I need to do now is work out a bestiary and I am ready to roll.  The honor system as presented in the Oriental Adventures works fine for now.  What I have shaped is a Japanese fantasy game with steampunk undertones.

I should state that this is for my own amusement only, and not a professionally sanctioned endeavor.  I will be putting it up on Google docs eventually, but as of right now it exists only in a spiral notebook.With luck I will be rolling this one out for playtesting by the end of the year as I have some great ideas on how to get the ball rolling in this setting style.


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