Back to it

My laptop died due to an accident involving the motherboard and a can of soda.  Lets move on shall we?

Okay,  so I am now using the old desktop which has been freshly partitioned and have been getting my steam back.

I have been steadily working on my latest project, aside from the week long computer generated hiatus.  This thrills me because it is the first time I have kept up my enthusiasm for something without stopping.

What I am working on is being built for action.  I am tweaking the XxX system to encourage player participation.  This game will take wallflower players and shove them into the daylight.

Currently I have an outline of the game done, so I can build and expand onto it as I feel like.  I have begun porting over the basic rules and and have developed several system innovations to make it match the feeling.

The setting…. oh, the setting.  What a setting it is.  Yep.

I will spill more of those beans eventually, but lets say for now that it involves Space.

Man, I love this.  I haven’t been this enthused for a long time.  After this I am thinking I want to do a Sword and Sorcery type game.  Yeah, I know there are about a million of these out there, but I have yet to read one that gets it right…at least in my opinion.  Of course everyone has their favorites.

Everything else?  Life remains stable.  Peace and blessings to all of you.


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