Victoriana & Steampunk

This is merely an opinion, but I wonder if anyone shares this.

Victoriana and Steampunk do not have to be linked together.  That is, the tropes of steampunk do not have to include Victorian England.  That location/Era certainly could be included but in order for something to be steampunk is it necessary?   I don’t think so, in fact I am quite sure I could at list at least one or two things that don’t include Victoriana that most would find Steampunk.

It irks me when people assume such a narrow view of the genre (or any genre).

Just a mini rant, but thanks for reading 🙂


One response to “Victoriana & Steampunk

  1. I’ve been sitting here, reading my new Iron Kingdoms books that I just recieved yesterday, and I remembered reading this post and thought I should revisit it and leave a comment.

    Iron Kingdoms is steampunk, despite the fact they like to refer to it as “Full Metal Fantasy”, and it has nothing to do with Victorian at all. It’s a wonderful setting, and I think you’d like it very much. Privateer Press did a wonderful job when they made IK.


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