Hounds of G.O.D.

My new Role-playing game Hounds of G.O.D. went available last night, so in honor of that I am going to talk a little about the system and the setting.

The game uses my Ten by Ten (XxX) system.  This is a role under d10 dice pool system where the attribute determines the pool and your skill level is your difficulty.  Or, to put it another way, your attribute represents your raw natural talent and your skill is indicative of your training in a particular field.  An example would be if your Agility is 4, and your Guns is 3, you would roll four dice and anything under a three would be a success.  Any modifiers are expressed as dice and applied to your pool.

XxX should be easy, flexible, and fun.  I designed it while keeping the thought of it being modular, that is you can add or take away elements without distorting the system balance.  I have eleven skills in Hounds, highly compressed fields of study, but if you wanted more you could easily expand them.

The same goes for the setting of Hounds of G.O.D., I included enough setting ideas to (hopefully) inspire G.M.s to go apeshit with ideas and thoughts.  I am hard at work on the first supplement for the game and have plans to do more, but your ideas and thoughts could shape those in unusual ways.

The setting is dark future, and your characters have given up any chance of having a normal life by allowing a corporation to meld the wolf with your DNA.  Yes, you play werewolves….in space….with guns, hunting down……urmm corporate “errors”.  but that is just the launching point of where your stories could take you.

so thanks for listening, any questions or concerns let me know.  You can find out more about my game company here  http://ajwgames.wordpress.com/

or you can just go to one of these places and check it out for yourself;



Drivethru RPG







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