Origins Game Fair 2010

This year for fathers day my wife sent me to Origins for a day, with a pocket full of money.  I went with two wifely instructions, 1) Buy her a couple of sets of Gamescience dice and 2) buy new games. I was only going for the day so I purchased a day pass so I could check out the exhibit hall and make some purchases.

Honestly there wasn’t much there that appealed to me, but I did make some purchases.  First there were three notable things I didn’t purchase that I liked.

1) Houses of the Blooded-I read John Wick on Facebook and so would have loved to buy this one but I couldn’t justify the cost.  $44.95 for a digest sized (or similar size) soft cover.  Nothing against Mr. Wick here, with so many potential games I had to be selective.

2) Eclipse Phase- Sounded great, I was looking for a sci-fi game….$49.99 This time for a nice shiny hardcover, but only about a third as many pages as Dark Heresy which cost only about ten dollars more.  I might have jumped at Cthulhu Tech but the core book is out of print currently.

3)Maschine Zeit- I follow the author, David Hill Jr. on twitter and as I said above I was looking for sci-fi…but sadly the game was only available in electronic format and I prefer dead tree to digital.  I did pick up the thumb drive about five times while debating.  It has mood music and extra art all for twenty dollars.

So what did you buy you picky bastard? Glad you asked.

I picked up Dragon Age set one-because it reminded me of the boxed sets of my youth and because I have heard a lot about it and the video game that inspired it.

I also bought Savage Worlds Explorers Edition and the Fantasy companion for it- I do own the SWEE in PDF but I prefer to have a dead tree copy of things.

Colonial Gothic was snapped up as it was a totally different setting idea then what I usually do.

and last but not least was Fiasco, by Jason Morningstar.  In his opening pitch he tossed out Coen Brothers films as a descriptor…sold.  Jason Morningstar came across as an excitable but very likable guy and the game sounds so super neat I want to give it a shot.

I also bought a set of dice and had lunch at North Market which included a small bit of Jeni’s Ice cream.  The food was good, Ice Cream was fantastic and the general atmosphere was all chaotic goodness.

Thats it for the moment, if I think of more I will make another post.



2 responses to “Origins Game Fair 2010

    • I did have fun, didn’t meet that many people as I confined my activity to the exhibit hall. I had only a day pass so I couldn’t really do much outside of speaking briefly to a few folks. Yes I will do another con next year with my wife…This year I might go to Con on the Cob if I gets the time 🙂


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