Layout Ahoy!

Hounds of G.O.D edits are now back in house, so layout has begun!  Huzzah!   We are now in the home stretch of this project which means soon I will be able to start sharing some of the things that make this game cool.

Small set backs have plagued us for awhile now, this coupled with some life revisions has slowed the progress of things.  To share one of them…the nifty cover art was lost.  There is more of a story to this but it needs to remain semi-private.

What I will say about this game is that the players take the roles of genetically modified werewolves who are owned by the United Earth Corporation (the UEC).  Said corporation uses them to mop up after their mistakes, protect their assets, liberate files and personnel, and basically any form of dirty and dangerous work.  In case this isn’t enough or you find it rather boring, then you can pursue the Rogue Operative route and tell some stories about trying to stay free and alive.  Your stage on which to set players can vary from Earth to far flung planets…or any point between.

My hope for this game is to allow the players to take it where they want to go, any supplements produced for it will expand upon the setting, allow different characters….basically things to do and be.

So if you have any questions, you can post them in the comments or email me at .  If I get a whole bunch I will type up a FAQ as we get further along in the layout.

Thanks for staying tuned!


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