The end.

My wife had been babysitting for several months.  The extra cash was nice but it was becoming apparent that the two girls were having a negative effect on my son.  Then we realized the babysitting was having an effect on our happy as well, it ate into some of my “free time” because the extra children were too loud.

The eldest of the two girls has no concept of responsibility…she is almost thirteen. (at that age I was watching my younger sister.)

The younger of the girls is simply bossy, rude, mouthy, slow-witted, and mean.  She doesn’t know when to stop talking.  I hate to bad mouth people so take it for granted that in order for me to get irritated by children it takes a lot.

We had decided to give notice of impending quititude at the end of this month.  My daughter was picking up bad habits, my son was agitated and they took too much time away from our helping him with school.

On Mondays they stay until nine-twenty P.M.  my kids go to bed at eight P.M.  As I was getting them ready for bed I discovered that one of the girls had broken the head off of one of my daughters’ Barbie dolls. (she collects the princess ones and other fantasy ones.)  This one was a gift from her Grandpa.  My daughter is four and a half, and just learned she had a “dead” dolly.

I was furious.  Deeply furious.  Not because something got broken, it is after all a material item, but because I remember how it felt when people broke my toys.  Also because no one told me, instead the girl had stuck the head loosely on in an attempt to make it appear unbroken.

I know my daughter wouldn’t have broken it or lied about it, if she would have broken it she would have come to me crying.  Before the babysats my daughter could find all of her dolls accessories, she was very responsible for a four year old.  Now all the shoes and such are either broken, missing, or scattered through the house.

These two have shown a profound lack of respect for people and property.  They have proven that while there is good in them it is buried so deeply beneath a shit mountain of self-centered behavior BP would have trouble drilling it out.  Also during these months I have seen the seeds of racial prejudice.  They seem to have no ambitions, the eldest wishes to be a waitress.  Thats her goal….she aspires to one day be good enough to be a waitress.

Most of this is the parents fault…not theirs.  But we can’t take it anymore, so last night my wife just quit.  Maybe now I can breathe easier and get on with the happy.


2 responses to “The end.

  1. The sad thing about that is, it’s common. A lot of parents these days (especially in that county) just don’t care. It’s specifically why my 6th grade teacher retired, and was in the paper being quoted with such sentiments. Parents don’t go to the parent/teacher conferences, there’s always some excuse as to why they can’t go. And when their child does something wrong, not only do the parents not discipline the child, they get up in other peoples faces that it’s THEIR fault.
    If I ever have children, I could only hope that I could raise them as great as D and A.


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