Miniatures, gaming, and GW….ohhh my.

Lately I have been thinking about miniatures owing largely to GWs’ latest idiocy (as an aside, I am all for protecting your intellectual property, but damn!)

I love to paint minis, I am even decent at it.  I got pretty good at converting them to fit my needs and vision…not quite good enough to actually sculpt one but enough that I can sculpt hair, chainmail, etc.  I have a couple of armies worth of Warhammer figures on a basement shelf (both 40K and fantasy).

I never use figures to play RPGs, it just isn’t the way I roll….but I can see having a figure to represent your character, particularly if you can’t draw too well.

The thing is…I am done with GW, it used to be they made some of the nicest minis around, but now there are many out there just as good, if not better, for less money.  If I can’t find what I want, then I know where I can pick up featureless armatures that I can convert around to look exactly right.  Oh yeah, and have fun doing it.


6 responses to “Miniatures, gaming, and GW….ohhh my.

  1. has some cheap generic minis. WarMachine looks a tiny bit more expensive per mini, but the game requires less mini’s, and the quality of the minis are amazing. One Monk Minis has free downloadable ‘paper’ minis. A little bit of digging will find you a vast selection to choose from =)


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