No I didn’t have a seizure.  That my good readers is the acronym (abbreviation?) for a game I wrote.  I thought it was a good tongue in cheek way of getting some notice.  Turned out not so good….eh live and learn right?

The game sold a few copies and I give many thanks to anyone who bought one.  A re-do of the game came up in house then online.  Right now I am focusing on HoG (Hounds of G.O.D.) but I am thinking about it.

And in thinking about it, a couple of things came to mind.  First of which is to drop the stupidly long tagline.  Secondly it is the game I wanted to make…several years before I wrote it.  The system was never designed to handle all the bits that got added so we put alot of extra work into jiggling new ideas into the tight mechanics (like putting a size 5 shoe on a size  six foot.).

Several reviews of the game told me it was too “kitchen sink” and yeah it was.  On the other hand a lot of games are that way, my mistake was making it too obvious, not enough blending.  If I re-do the game there are two routes to go.

1) Complete reboot.

In this option I rewrite the whole background making the setting more cohesive.  This is my preferred choice with the only downside being that any fans of the original (if you are indeed out there) out in the cold.  I have some great ideas for the rewrite. Including a new system.

2) Revision.

in this direction I would just change the system to one that could support all the flanges and gobbledy gook.  keeping all the bits and bobs and just updating the system.  It would keep any fans happy but it would still feel “kitchen sink”.

In either case, most of the art would be removed and replaced (or not).  which is another area in which I caught flak.  I thought free art would be better then no art.  Since it was free I felt I didn’t have the right to be overly critical…gift horse and all that.  I was mistaken evidently.


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