More about my theoretical retro-clone

After a bit of reflection I present some fixes to AD&D 2Ed.

THAC0-I would keep THAC0 after all…just change the meaning of the “0″. In my fictitious clone armor class (AC) 0 means that you are wearing no armor.  Let’s say your first level mook has a THAC0 of  10, for him to hit an unarmored target he would have to roll a ten or better.  So two unarmored mooks standing in a field with sticks trying to brain each other would have a 50/50 chance of actually hitting each other.   Armor adds to THAC0, so if Studded leather armor is AC 3 then you would have to roll a thirteen or better to hit.

Hit points– Following an interesting thought by Jason Blair, these are the hit dice per level for the four main races.  Also bonuses per level for the four main classes.

Racial hit dice per level

  1. Hafling 1d4
  2. Elf 1d6
  3. Human 1d8
  4. Dwarf 1d10

Class bonuses to hit points

  1. Wizard +2
  2. Rogue +3
  3. Cleric +4
  4. Warrior +5

So a level one Dwarven warrior would roll 1d10 for hit points and add five to the result.

Attribute bonuses

Another thing I would fix is simplifying the attribute bonus charts into one chart. (not entirely original I know.)

Actually…no chart needed I think.  A 15 in any attribute gains you a +1, a 16 equals a +2, Etc.

  • Strength= bonus to damage
  • Dexterity=bonus to hit and a bonus to AC
  • Constitution=bonus to hit points
  • Intelligence= bonus equals the number of spells the player starts with or languages known.
  • Wisdom= bonus equals the number of prayers known and a bonus to save vs. spells
  • Charisma= bonus equals maximum henchman

Thats what I have so far….Next I will overhaul the spellcasting system and add on a skill system.  So tell me, what are your thoughts on the above? (the actual starting unmodified THAC0 for first level characters, I am thinking. would be fifteen.)


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