Races of Chipan


The Kitsune are a race of anthropomorphic foxes who excel at stealth and cunning.   They are thin and short, lovers of puzzles and challenges.  During the wars they were employed as assassins and scouts by the lords.   With the end of the war they were rounded up and placed in special habitats, but being far more cunning than their would be jailors they had hidden their true number.  Disguising themselves they slip among humanity unseen working dirty jobs to earn money to send to relatives within the camps.  The Kitsune can often be found among mercenary groups.

REF +2  INT+1 BODY –2 EMP -1


The most prolific race in Chipan, and the undisputed rulers.  Humanity has no penalties or bonuses to stats or skills. There is no limit to what humans can do whether good or evil.  They are also the second youngest race in Chipan and are tolerated by the other races for that reason.  They are also looked on with slight contempt, at least when their backs are turned, for being arrogant.  It was humanity who made the poor Marionettes, It was humanity that unleashed VapourTech upon the world both in their quest to master everything.  But there is a glimmer of hope for this young race, those who fought in the wars and were tossed aside with the end of it have seen the evils of their own hearts.  They have the skills to remake the world or destroy it.


A race of large humanoids, standing seven to nine feet tall.  Oni sport horns upon their heads in varying combinations, these can be curved up or down, spiraled like a rams, swept back, and short or long.   Their teeth are sharp with enlarged canines and their skin and hair comes in a wide range of unnatural colors (blue, green. red, orange, etc.) They tend to be very primitive and anti-social living in large family groups in remote regions. Player characters will either have left on their own, been driven out of, or had their family group destroyed.  All other races fear or hate the Oni thinking them demons and monsters and while it is true they are aggressive and territorial, those who have befriended these giants have found them to be fierce and loyal friends and guardians.

Body +3  Attr –2  Tech –2


There are three distinct groups of elves, they are all slender and much shorter then humans ranging from three to four feet in height.  Long ago when the land was young it gave form to spirit to create guardians for itself.  These guardians were the Elves and once were far more numerous with many more groups.

Ice Elves

Hailing from the from the lands of ice and snow these elves are the embodiment of their element both physically and mentally.  They are a cool and logical making for some of the most powerful wielders of magic.  They are slow to befriend anyone who is not an Ice Elf, but tend to be more favorable to magic weilders of any race.  Their hair, eyes, fingernails, and lips are varying shades of blue.  Their skin is an alabaster white. +2 cool  +1 Ref  –2 Emp –2 body

Fire Elves

As passionate as their coloration, fire elves are gregarious and tempestuous.  They are drawn to martial arts, and any form of artistic expression involving strong emotions. A common mistake is that they are spoiling for a fight, they rarely will actually instigate but if a fight breaks out they will get involved.  Their hair, eyes, fingernails, and lips are in shades of red while their skin has a burnished golden hue.  +2 Ref  +1 MA  -2 cool –2 body

Steam Elves

Frantically intellectual Steam Elves love to tinker and explore.  They delight in discovering the world around them.  They are drawn to anything that is mysterious and have an affinity with Vapour tech devices.  Their detailed notes are disheveled and often stuck haphazardly in pouches and pockets.  In fact they collect anything they find neat and will cart it around with them often swapping with other Steam Elves or anyone else who has anything neat.  Their hair is the color of clouds, eye color is grey, lips are a pale pink and their skin is a silvery tone.

+2 Tech +1 Luck –2 cool –2 body


These magical constructs come in two types, Warrior and Concubine.  As magical constructs they are incapable of bearing offspring and as the creation of new Marionettes is forbidden they are a slowly dying race.  Each death of a marionette is mourned by any who hear of it.  They are comprised of gears and pulleys driven by Vapour Tech and given sentience by their power source.  All Marionettes have the same set of attributes (except where noted), and they don’t have wounds, having instead SDP (Structural Damage Points).  They are capable however of learning any skill.  The Vapour that gave them free will also allows them heal at the normal healing rate.  Typical methods of healing however will not work, instead the wounded Marionette requires the services of Someone with the VapourTech skill to accelerate their healing process.

All Marrionettes are immune to stun/shock saves, death saves, and poison.  They will continue to function unless totally destroyed or their head gets separated from their bodies (this will cause the Vapour to leak out in a gasp.).


A warrior type Marionette is typically male although there are several examples of female warriors.  They are crafted to look like armored humans and since they were each hand forged they all look different.  Sometimes different Marionettes will have identical markings indicating who made them and what unit they were part of.

INT (roll 1d10)  REF (8) COOL (10) TECH (4)  LUCK (roll 1d10) Attractiveness (2)  Movement Allowance (7) Body (10)  Empathy (roll 1d10)

Only ½ the starting skill points, and out of those half must be assigned to REF skills.

SP 10 in all locations

SDP 20 in all locations, all parts will continue to function normally until the SDP is depleted.


Most of these Marionettes no longer serve the function they were made for, instead serving in a variety of rolls.  Those that are sanctioned work as clerks and wait staff, those that aren’t keep their identities hidden as they perform as household servants in remote villages and for rural aristocracy.  Some have even learned the way of the sword or bow and taken to the life of an adventurer.

INT (roll 1d10)  REF (5)  COOL (10)  TECH (6)  LUCK (roll 1d10)  Attractiveness (10) Movement Allowance (5)  Body (5)  Empathy (roll 1d10)

Only ½ the starting skill points, and out of those only half may be assigned to REF skills

Sp 0  unless armor is worn

SDP 10 in all locations


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