From my meat computer

In my previous post I laid out the framework for a setting I was building.  I had no system yet and this had hampered me for awhile, so I decided to use TriStat DX.  Then as I was still struggling to come to grips with how to work with the system providence in the form of a link struck.

If you don’t care to click the link, this is a rendering of the Interlock system into a generic form.  For those unfamiliar (and if you are I have to say shame on you!) with Interlock it was the system behind Cyberpunk 2020 and other fine projects by R. Talisorian Games.

A fan based free game unlocking one of my favorite systems of all time.  Now I have a system for my setting, a system I know well…with more options.  This would be exciting enough for me to wet myself  if there were some sort of OGL for the system.  Expect some exciting posts about the land I am calling Chipan (at least until something else comes to mind…oh yeah and suggestions are always welcomed.) in the coming weeks.

This will be the next game I plan to run, see the previous post for more information on the setting.

Thanks for reading!


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