clarifying some ideas

I have been working in my head on some ideas for a game setting I have wanted to run.  The actual writing up of the info was waiting on my deciding of a system to use.  What I needed was a system that allowed for exciting action and dramatic combat scenes, as well as being very character/story oriented.  Been searching for months now for something that fit the bill and was prepared to buy Savage Worlds for it.  I also looked into the D6 system, and considered using AD&D 2Ed with some mods (as it is one of two systems I am really fluent in).  Some thought also was given to using the system from Cyberpunk 2020 (interlock).

All these thoughts going on in my head when lightening inspiration struck.  Thanks to a friend of mine who gave me a gift years ago that sat on my shelf barely used I have in my possession the perfect tool.  Tri-stat DX. Paul Jessup I am looking at you!

This is good for all the above reasons plus I am familiar enough with BESM that I understand the core mechanic for Tri-stat.  It is universal and rules lite and, as I already own it, free.

This is spectacular with one minor glitch…now I have to define my setting idea more and I am kinda at a loss on how to organize my thoughts.  With such an open system and vague setting I need to condense my ideas.  I looked around for some settings that were made using Tri-stat and found only one.  So I begin my condensation.


2 responses to “clarifying some ideas

  1. What is the purpose of this setting? Is it for publication purposes, or is it something you just want to run for your players?
    If it’s for publication.. you could start with a city, all the aspects of it (economy, religion, leaders, etc) and expand to country, then continent, then world, etc. You’d definitely have your work cut out for you.
    If it’s to run for your players, simply define certain aspects of the more immediate world for the players, and introduce more elements as they arise, making note of what’s what and who’s who. I don’t see that it’s any different from how you’re already used to running a game. It’s just a matter of organizing the notes.
    Whatever you end up doing, I wish you the best of luck!


    • It’s for players. I don’t know about the current situation with the Magnum Opus licensing anyway.

      The difference between this and the way I run games normally is this will be the second game ever for a couple of players. I don’t want to confuse them I want to give them some options for what type of characters would fit for the setting.

      To do this I need to focus in on somethings and maybe look towards creating templates that they can adjust to their liking.


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