States of being

We are all different people at different times.  We put on different faces in certain social situations I think of these as states of being. Going with the Zen ideal of living in the moment, we can only label ourselves as something while we are doing it.  For example, right now I am philosophizing on states of being so at this moment I am a philosopher, when I am done I will no longer be a philosopher.  I will move on to the next state of being whatever that might be.

I personally have trouble transferring through states of being quickly, but I am working on it.  Take a moment and try to think about all the states of being you move through  in a day.  If you are writing then you are a writer, when you cease writing to answer the phone or make coffee you are no longer a writer.  I wrote and designed an rpg, but I cannot call myself a game designer at this moment.

My theory is that if I train myself to think like this then I might be able to invest myself more fully in each project I take on.  With our modern way of life we tend to multi-task in order to save time or money or both, but this is to the detriment of each task (with a few rare people who CAN devote themselves fully to more then one project).  Think about an old chair, very sturdy and beautiful…skillfully made.  It was made by people devoted to making a good chair.  By comparison todays mass produced plastic chairs, while cheap and convenient, lack any sense of aesthetic or quality.

We have traded our quality for quantity.


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