End of day wrap-up

At the risk of the “Jinx” I must say things are going pretty good.  Once I get my financial “house” in order I can focus on other things without distraction.

Other things include new eye glasses, getting some reading and writing done, and cranking out Hounds of G.O.D.  I have been feeling more positive about my job and life in general, almost feeling stoked about waking up in the morning.  I will be setting up an Adam Station in the kitchen where I can drop or pick up  my kit everyday.  In case you are unfamiliar with the term a “kit” is a collection of basic supplies you need when you travel about.  The first appearence of this idea came from a guy I used to know who wandered around the country a lot.  I am still assembling mine so I will eventually list it here.

Need to work on settling up some old debts from last year, the goal is to have my finances under control by my thirty fifth birthday so I can work on beginning to save for retirement at forty, this includes;

1) dropping my mortgage payments

2)getting a bank loan to pay off(and pay less on) my credit cards.

3) putting money in a Christmas club account

4) paying off old bank loan

5) paying off hospital bills

and some other things


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