And something else

The internet can drown you in other peoples voices.  Opinions, opinions about opinions, thoughts, ideas, and ideologies.  Sometimes great epiphanies, other times….not so great.  As I was feeling overwhelmed by all of this I had a great moment of clarity.

It is all just a deck of cards.

Take only that which lifts you up, and as you go leave behind that which would shackle you down.  I now approach the internet in a mercenary fashion…If you try to drag me down you will be cut.  If you spit negativity at me I will unfollow, unfriend, or in any other way disconnect you from my life.  I absorb emotions too easily.

I am not angry in anyway, in fact I feel somewhat cloud like.  Ethereal and weightless.  I am finally getting an idea of what I really want out of life and am just now beginning to chase it.

so todays buzz is “up”


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