Usually I post on Wednesday or Sundays, but I thought I would throw a little something extra on today.  Mostly because Something has struck me as somewhat odd.

I started an AD&D Second Edition game last Saturday night, complete with a new player.  So I searched around the Internet for some retro 2Ed love and found almost nothing, why?  Okay everyone has their preferences in editions and some people love them all and that is cool, but I always liked 2Ed better then the rest.  Now as I look around I begin to feel like someones strange uncle who rubs cheese on himself under the full moon.

I have played every edition of AD&D except for forth (and would love to try it.) and by far I like 2Edition best.  Since I am apparently in the minority and stark raving mad I would like to point out why I like it.  The fact that it is a generic system for a specific genre and it strikes a balance between the role-playing aspect of our hobby and the rules loving aspect.  Also character creation is moderately easy and takes little time compared to say 3.0 and 3.5.

That having been said, I don’t want to fire up Edition wars because each one has strengths and are all good in their own right.  It may be that it is because it is the edition I have played the most and had the most memories of.  There are things I don’t care for in 2Ed, like backwards D&D math (Thac0) and poor skill system.(new house rule here, I am gonna allow players to spend slots to improve existing proficiencies)  There are things I don’t care for in other versions as well (which I am NOT going into in effort to avoid fueling the silly edition wars!)

The point to all this is why can I not find as much retro-support for the lonely and semi-forgotten AD&D 2Ed as I can for first Edition (which is very close to being the same) and the rest?  Any clues?  Anyone? Hello…..I don’t smell of cheese do I?


6 responses to “Extra!

  1. While it is often lashed about the back and buttocks by the Edition Warriors, there is still love for AD&D 2e (a quick search turns up quite a few proponents). No edition had more beloved settings or better support during the hey day of both Dungeon magazine and Dragon magazine and I hope that hasn’t been forgotten. While some of the rules were confused or overly complex or laborious*, it definitely has its fans.

    *Spell components? Really? Are wizards simply not weak enough already that they need hamstrung in the one department in which they have any effectiveness whatsoever?


    • True enough there are fans and defenders, but I can access tons of old out of print support for OD&D (as the kids these days say), or some 1st Ed stuff. But after visiting several sites that google turned up I found a lot of blind links for this edition.(I may have to dig a bit deeper, or perhaps there is some legality issue I am not aware of.)

      *HAH! Good point on that one.


  2. i am sorry to be the one to break the news to ya about the cheese……perhaps it is the close similarity between 1st and 2nd
    that has caused the lacking of material.


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