The Return

Today I have no Character creation notes to post, because last night I actually ran a game.  I had the privilege to teach someone how to game.  It went well, so well in fact that I felt refreshed about players and the hobby.

I had to choose something for him learn with, at first I thought Big Eyes,Small Mouths would be a good choice because of the simplicity of the system.  Upon further thought however since he was completely new to the hobby I wanted to familiarize him with all the dice types.  I also needed something I knew well enough to be totally confident of, and something I could throw together real quick.

There was only one choice for me, AD&D 2ED.

He took to it real well, the game was fun and filled with a good hearted mirth.  We only played for two and a half hours but it was a good solid opening.  He had a great time and was interested in his character, he seemed excited to come back next week for a full game session.  Hopefully next week I can add to the players.

I had more fun running a game then I have had in awhile, I am very heartened and stoked not only to keep running games but to show more people the hobby.

After a few adventures we may switch it up to another game, but as long as we are having fun why not keep playing?  Damn I am excited!


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