America Now

I am America

I am the Republic, which is supposed to stand for me.

Since I stood this long for it.

We put our shoulders to the wheel

what have we gained?

Generations of working poor, bearing upon their backs smiling politicians.

So I ask you, America, where are you now?

You take my money, and use it to buy bullets.

I can’t pay my doctor bills.

Can’t fix my car.

Can’t buy new shoes.

My clothes are threadbare so I must ask, Where are you now?

40 hours of sweat doesn’t buy as much as it used to.

I am America.

I feel as if I am punished for working,

while the fat woman buys steak for her dog with food stamps.

I see it every day here in this republic.

For which I stand.

One worker.

Under debt.

with Bankruptcy for all.


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