Character Generation

Last night was game night and I had no players as I had kind of suspected would happen.  I thought it was likely a couple of guys I know would be coming over, but they were a no show.

So as promised I made characters for two of the game systems I haven’t tried yet.  the revamped World of Darkness core book, and Savage Worlds Explorers Edition.  Next are my views on both systems Character Generation.

First up is World of Darkness, I suspected this would be an easy build as I am familiar with the the original rules and I knew they didn’t drastically change.  I decided to make a retired surgeon and launched into the build.  The points (dots) distribution is similar to the original rules and I moved easily through this.  Then I moved on to skills and here I hit a snag.  I had too many dots…yes thats right I had more dots then skills that made sense.  Mental skills weren’t too bad, I took a high medicine and some points in skills like science and academics.  Physical skills were a killer though nothing really made sense with  my concept and in the Social section there wasn’t a whole lot either…SO I made a concept change.  After looking at the options I decided to make him a young surgeon who worked at the local hospital during the day and did charity work a couple nights during the week at the local free clinic.  His hobbies include getting away from it all by camping.  It was pretty easy to generate a character, but I really think the dots to skills ratio was a bit off.  It may just have been my concept however, I would have to try a Police officer or something else to see.

Second was Savage Worlds.  This was ridiculously easy to do, in fact after I made the character I kept looking at the character sheet to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything.  It had the perfect balance of choice and limits in all stages of design making the whole process fluid.  My only complaints are 1) I had to do a lot of page flipping (scrolling in my case since this was a PDF) back and forth and 2) the steps of character creation were out of order for easiest creation.  I will say that I am very excited to actually try this out in play…now if only I had some players who wanted to show up.

Next weekend I will have the same ultimatum as this one, 8:30 pm be here and game or I will make more characters or do something else game related.


4 responses to “Character Generation

  1. Thanks for your take on the character generation system. I haven’t picked up anything in the new WoD reimaging after spending a bundle on the previous line. 😉 I don’t I will pick it up anytime soon… not unless I manage to find a bargain or two at conventions.

    I do dig the Savage World line and plan on picking up more rpgs . 😉


  2. I was a big fan of the original VtM and was a little irked about the overhaul at first but I really like what they did. You buy a corebook which allows you to play human characters and you buy the other books like plug-ins.

    For me Savage Worlds represents a good generic system I can build my own campaigns with. It may be my AD&D 2E replacement.


  3. so Savage World is an “easy” char creation… about a 2-day event for me lol. as for lack of skills in WOD, i think that was why we used to have blank pages in the homemade char “booklets”. they were for skills we would come up with from real world or other game systems.


    • Actually Scott, I think I could have you with a character you would like in Savage Worlds within an hour…coming up with a name might take you awhile still.

      As far as nWoD goes it is slightly different then WoD.


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