Next Weekend

I have been going through a bit of a RPG dry spell, which was alright at first because it gave me a break from running games a way to reset my batteries if you would.  Now however I am finding it hard to work on projects in the dice less vacuum  so next Saturday I am Gaming.

Players or not I am gaming.

No, I am not going to sit in the dark with a candle weeping silently as I roll dice claiming that no one really understands me, here is my plan.

I am going to tell everyone that I know who games that I am running something at 8:30 pm Saturday night, show up if you wanna play.  Whoever shows up, plays.  If no one shows up (*which is sadly the most likely outcome) then I will proceed to make characters for all the games I own but haven’t made characters for yet.

Making characters is a way for me to grip the very basics of any system.  I figure if I can make a functional character that will lead me to understanding such things as; skill resolution, magic system, damage ratings etc.

So what games do I own that I haven’t made characters for yet?  Glad you asked!

Little Fears Nightmare Edition, Savage Worlds, Obsidian, New World of Darkness, WEG D6, Mazes and Minotaurs, Altus Adventum, Broken Gears, FATE, and Key RP.

A couple of games I have made characters for but I don’t remember how; Underworld and Basic D&D.

Okay, so what will I run for those who show up?  Well there are two outcomes for this, if my two core players show up then we will all play Dark Heresy.  If one of the two can’t make it then these are the possibles based on ease of Chargen and knowledge, AD&D 2Ed, BESM,Witchcraft, GURPS(modern/urban fantasy).

EDIT:  I would like to add, I am going to BRING IT! during this game.  Full bore, in your face gaming.

So yeah I need to get into the actual use of some of these systems, and I am sick of not chucking the dice. There it is, my plan for next Saturday exciting ain’t it?

*for some reason the gamers around here would rather sit home and play online games or lay in bed all day. yeah the gaming community around here sucks so If I can get some of my personal goals set up by summer hopefully I can do something about this.


9 responses to “Next Weekend

  1. sat 8:30….if i leave fri at 8 i could be there, then i could head home by 6 so i get to the docs mon morning. it’s a plan lol or we could set up the webcams and some sorta audio connection. hell i’ll let you roll the dice for me and i will just go with the results. let me know cause it could take me 1/2 the week just to come up with a name.


  2. i found your blogs online and seen you have a problem finding gamers well so am i i run a small group of about 6 in the pizza shop in rock creek every other sat we play dnd 3.5e


    • I have actually managed to gather a core group of four players, two experience and two new to the hobby. A group of six isn’t that small, I would consider that the biggest I would run for these days. My largest single group was eleven players in an AD&D 2E game, and a group of players for cyberpunk 2020 that had to be split into two teams. We play every saturday night 8:30 PM ’till around 1:30 AM. Currently running NWoD.

      Always great to hear from local gamers!
      I started a Facebook page for us you might want to check out!/group.php?gid=287081505428


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