Setting Idea

This is the basic setting idea I have for a game.  I would love any feedback you may have to offer 🙂

The old man sat on a stump, patiently teaching his grandson how to carve.  All around them the warm gentle breezes of summer stirred the rice stalks. The young boy held the tip of his tongue between clenched teeth while attempting to follow his grandfathers’ advice as a dark shape blotted out the sun.  The boy looked up in wonder while the old man continued to work his branch.

“What is that, Gayan?” the boy was almost breathless.

“Nothing that is our concern.” The old mans voice was terse.  Birds scattered from their roosts in the trees and brush.  Hopefully they would keep moving and not bring their war to this remote farming village.

The noble houses float high above their subjects protected within the thick walls of their citadels.  They patrol their demesnes from on high only descending from the clouds to wage war on one another or to gather their tithe of taxes and crops.

Peasants toil the earth like they always have.  Spending their lives being looked down upon while they grow food to feed the nobles, left with barely any for themselves.  Bandits wait in the woods to take what little remains.  With the strongest young men taken as soldiers by those above the elderly train young women to defend the villages.  Forbidden to possess metal they learned to shoot bows and fight with wooden swords.

Soldiers wage war on behalf of their lords, young men taken from their homes at a young age and trained to fight and willingly die at a pampered nobles command.  Only allowed to quit fighting when they are either injured or to old and infirm to fight any longer.

In the air there is lucrative trade between allied Houses, and the pirates that prey off any hapless merchant Airships.  The flesh trade is always profitable as nobles seek exotic animals and humans as playthings.

Those skilled in the art of Sorcery are always in demand, but the ways of Sorcerers are always strange and they always seem to have their own motives.

After a battle the fields are always picked clean by the nobles Reclaimators, but they are not perfect and occasionally something is missed.  These items are rare and despite their illegality many Villages would pay handsomely for even the crudest metal axe.


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