I need help!

*Waits for a moment. Now that all the snickering is past us, let me explain.  I have read, held, and seen things that I can’t remember very well (and some I imagine I should be glad I don’t).  My ongoing mission is to recapture some of those fractured memories.  I need your help with this.

Now bear in mind due to my extremely hazy memory some of the descriptions may be distorted, inaccurate, or just plain wrong.  With that disclaimer, the first quest.

1) It was a pen and paper RPG from the mid nineties.

2) The artwork was decent but cheesecake/beefcake-ish.

3) I believe it had a bard with an electronic instrument.

4) It was an original fantasy setting.

5) The cover was most likely mostly black

6) perfect bound

7) interior art was all black and white

8) very power-gamer oriented.

And thats all I can recall with any degree of success.  If you have a good guess or you know for sure comment with a link showing cover art.  Thank you and good hunting.


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